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Effective Sales Enablement

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Effective Sales Enablement

Achieve Sales Growth Through Collaborative Sales and Marketing

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“Sales enablement” strategies coordinate with marketing to support salespeople at every step.

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Marketing consultant Pam Didner presents “sales enablement” as a solution to help busy salespeople develop effective strategies and leverage the latest technology. Urging marketing and sales to collaborate, she explores current sales methodologies, social media, and the questions every company must ask to hone its sales strategy, methods and tactics. Her comprehensive, well-organized book offers plenty of tactics for sales and marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and sales managers and trainers.


“Sales enablement” involves marketing in supporting the sales force and increases sales by optimizing the sales process.

Essentially, sales enablement is the package of processes that companies assemble to equip their sales professionals to do their job. A good sales enablement program equips salespeople with know-how, skills, procedures and resources, so they can give buyers a great experience, sell more, retain repeat clients and be more productive.

Every company sets up its sales enablement activities according to its own wants and needs. No matter how firms define and organize their sales enablement operations, sales enhancement activities help salespeople by planning and developing of support programs, activities and relevant materials.

Sales enablement develops sales support programs, activities and materials.

The challenges of selling add up quickly for business-to-business (B2B) salespeople due to the often-complex nature of these sales, as well as the extended period they require to close. Salespeople in the B2B arena usually must convince an entire...

About the Author

Content marketer, speaker and consultant Pam Didner also wrote Global Content Marketing, which Inc. magazine named a top-10 marketing book in 2014.

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    A. S. 4 years ago
    A very “weak” book at the beginning but give it a moment and it becomes worth the read and has value

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