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Green Growth, Green Profit

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Green Growth, Green Profit

How Green Transformation Boosts Business

Palgrave Macmillan,

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Find the “new green gold” in your company’s future.

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Roland Berger Strategy Consultants produced this anthology, which likens the advent of green business to the Industrial Revolution. The comparison is apt. Just as transformative 19th-century innovations changed business, so, too, will green technologies alter industries, companies and societies for the environmental good. More important, as this series of essays explains, the green transformation is an opportunity for – not a threat to – businesses, if they can adapt to new imperatives. Despite the complexity of the subject matter – and an occasional editorial error – the book is surprisingly accessible to the lay reader, particularly given its effective charts and graphs. It offers on-the-ground perspectives from the countries and regions that are riding the green wave and from those that are just getting their feet wet. getAbstract finds this informative collection valuable to investors and executives who are leading the way to going green.


Beyond Sustainability

The push toward sustainability in the 21st century will mean as much to business as the Industrial Revolution did in the 19th century. Green innovations will profoundly change how societies work and live. In this new world, alternative forms of energy and energy distribution, reduced waste, and improved efficiency will transform the way governments, businesses and households operate.

Going green and expanding a business are not contradictory actions. In the course of developing green supply chains, businesses can become more profitable by producing energy-efficient products and cutting waste. Inefficient companies will go out of business or will suffer from missed opportunities. But companies that redesign themselves to embrace green practices and technologies will advance. The global market for green business is already huge – totaling approximately €1.6 trillion (around $2.1 trillion) at the end of 2010 – and is on course to double by 2020. This augurs new opportunities for companies to grow, gain market share and generate new revenues. “Four megatrends” are shaping this transformation:

  1. “Demographics” – With a growth...

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Roland Berger Strategy Consultants operates in 25 countries and serves businesses, financial institutions and governments.

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