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How to Be Contagious

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How to Be Contagious

You Turn Podcast

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Do you have the energy to be contagious?

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Have you ever thought about why your last interaction with your boss, your spouse or your child went so poorly and left you feeling exhausted? In this episode of the You Turn podcast, host and career coach Ashley Stahl and executive adviser Anese Cavanaugh discuss how you can bring your best to each interaction. The essential components of great interactions include intention, energy and presence. To reboot those elements when you’re feeling depleted, Cavanaugh advises you to clarify your “intentional impact.” This will help you become re-energized for your next interaction.


Creating an “intentional impact” requires clarifying your intended outcomes and desired emotional effect.

Whether you’re attending a work meeting or an employee feedback session, or having a job interview or a tough conversation with your spouse or child, creating an “intentional impact” is central to gaining positive results. To cultivate your intentional impact, clarify the following five questions: What outcomes do you intend to reach? What emotional impact do you desire to have? How do you have to show up? What do you need to believe? What are the next steps you must take?

First, to get clear on what outcomes you intend to achieve, think of one to three solid results you hope will come from the interaction. 

Second, consider the emotional impact your interaction has on the other person as well as on you. For example, imagine you’re giving feedback to your employees. How do you want them to feel? It’s likely you want them to feel cared for, and to know that the feedback is in service of their higher growth. You want them to feel heard, and that they know you believe in them. Then, ask yourself how you want to feel. Probably useful and helpful...

About the Podcast

You Turn podcast host Ashley Stahl is a former counterterrorism expert turned best-selling author, speaker and career expert. Guest Anese Cavanaugh is an executive adviser and keynote speaker. She is also the author of Contagious You: Unlock Your Power to Influence, Lead, and Create the Impact You Want.

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