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Managing Conflict

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Managing Conflict

A Practical Guide to Resolution in the Workplace

Kogan Page,

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Most dispute resolution tactics are “intrinsically adversarial.” To resolve fights, use smarter policies.

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Mediation consultant David Liddle says conflict is inevitable and can affect your whole workforce, so leaders should prepare by instituting more effective resolution policies. Liddle offers a comprehensive overview for managing institutional conflict. Though he deals primarily with British firms, he’s added enough detail from other countries to serve a broader audience. He also provides a 25-page appendix of tools, charts, worksheets and exercises plus a link to online bonus materials.


Intensity of Conflict

In the United Kingdom and elsewhere, communities struggle with various conflicts. The world faces greater uncertainty, which its institutions reflect. This unpredictability poses potential risks for societies and organizations, but it also offers potential benefits in change and growth.  

Even amid uncertainty, executives who learn to handle conflict well can construct fruitful, stable relationships within their organizations. This in turn leads to greater institutional and individual growth, a smoother workflow, and shared understanding. Unfortunately, organizations usually don’t prioritize conflict management. As a result, most of their systems for handling disagreements aren’t effective even though good conflict management is critical to individual, group and corporate performance.

Much of management theory ignores terms that begin with the letter F: “fights, feelings, fear, failure, forgiveness” and “flow.” Managers must learn to handle fights productively, though it may require courage. They must deal with employees’ emotions and address fear by encouraging conversation. Organizations should create...

About the Author

David Liddle heads The TCM Group, a UK mediation and conflict resolution consultancy. He founded the Professional Mediators’ Association and the Collaborative Justice Institute.

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    This was a great listen, I feel enlightened!
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    Another sales pitch by a consultant disguised as a text book perhaps? Or am I just too cynical?