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Mind Gym

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Mind Gym

An Athlete's Guide to Inner Excellence


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Train your mind as you train your body.

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Optimal performance on the field – or in the office – requires the proper mental attitude. In his storied career as a sports psychology consultant, the late Gary Mack worked with hundreds of professional and amateur athletes. Many of the lessons and techniques he applied live on in this enduring 2001 classic. Mack’s astute, inspiring and entertaining study of the athlete’s mind remains relevant and applicable. His insights and anecdotes offer value on every page to elevate your game, in sports and in life.


Train your brain to deliver positive outcomes.

Training your mind elevates your performance and productivity. You can apply specific techniques to maintain your concentration, steer clear of harmful distractions and persevere through adversity. However, conditioning your mind requires time and dedication, and the depth of your commitment will affect the quality of your results. 

Achieving your optimal mindset enables a higher level of performance. For example, an NFL field goal kicker struggled in practice when he sensed the head coach watching him. Instead of zeroing in on the task at hand, the kicker became nervous and self-conscious. He allowed negative thoughts to affect his performance. Conditioning your mind means learning to focus on a positive outcome rather than dwelling on any likely bad outcomes. Replacing negativity with positive self-talk promotes a better result.

Pelé, the great Brazilian soccer star, followed the same regimen in the dressing room before every game. He would lie down with a towel under the back of his neck and another draped over his eyes, and recall the joyful...

About the Authors

The late Gary Mack was a leading sports psychology consultant who worked with professional teams and athletes in every major sport. David Casstevens wrote Somebody’s Gotta Be Me, a biography of former NBA star Charles Barkley.

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