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How Decisive Leaders Execute Strategy Despite Obstacles, Setbacks and Stalls


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Use the “MOVE” model – “Middle, Organization, Valor, Everyone” – to keep your change momentum going.

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Most people – and most companies – find it difficult to maintain inspiration and focus when an undertaking becomes challenging. This often happens with corporate change efforts, breaking into fresh markets, introducing new products or any new initiative. Organizational performance consultant Patty Azzarello offers her “MOVE” model – the acronym stands for “Middle, Organization, Valor, Everyone” – to help you sustain momentum for change over the long term. Most managers specify their plans in terms of final objectives, but a good roadmap must explain what should happen in the middle of a project’s implementation, as well as how the organization will finance, evaluate and supply it. Companies that want to retain their employees while seeking transformation face a difficult challenge. According to Azzarello’s lucid, well-structured manual, you must MOVE everyone along to achieve successful change. Managers must stay the course, even when everybody else becomes fearful. getAbstract recommends Azzarello’s advice to team managers and to those leading transformation efforts.


Get Everyone Moving

Despite the importance of a new organizational initiative – a product launch, outreach to a new market or a corporate change effort – most employees tend to keep doing what they have done in the past. Leaders need to find new ways to encourage and motivate employees throughout the long-haul challenges inherent in a new project or change effort.

The “MOVE” model sets out four concepts that executives and managers should understand and incorporate to lead innovative projects or organizational change. The acronym stands for:

  1. “Middle” – Most managers specify their plans for a new direction or an organizational change just in terms of the final objectives. A good plan must also elaborate on what happens in the middle of its implementation and how the firm will finance, evaluate and supply it.
  2. “Organization” – Organizations that want to retain employees throughout a transformation or new business project face a difficult challenge. Managers have to construct the teams they need for this change, not simply put up with the people they have.
  3. “Valor” – Managers ...

About the Author

Organizational performance consultant Patty Azzarello heads the Azzarello Group.

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