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Radical Candor

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Radical Candor

The Surprising Secret to Being a Good Boss

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Good managers know that they often need to be cruel to be kind. Learn how to deliver constructive feedback.

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Management consultant Kim Scott presents a delightfully candid talk on how to deliver feedback in order to nurture employees. By sharing her personal management missteps and other anecdotes, Scott offers fresh, witty and useful guidance that is applicable to neophyte and veteran leaders alike. getAbstract recommends Scott’s wisdom to human resources personnel and to managers at all levels of the corporate hierarchy.


Praise and criticism are the building blocks of guidance, a manager’s primary duty. Good bosses not only give guidance but solicit it for themselves and encourage it among their employees. The best guidance occurs through “radical candor” – the ability to offer frank criticism without creating an adversarial relationship. Management consultant Kim Scott experienced radical candor when her boss pulled her aside after she had delivered a presentation and informed her that her speech was littered with “ums,” which made her “sound stupid.” Scott appreciated this blunt but constructive feedback.

Imagine a 2x2 matrix, whereby the y axis plots readiness to “care personally” for others and the x axis plots readiness to “...

About the Speaker

Kim Scott is an author, entrepreneur and management consultant.

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