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Saltwater Leadership, Second Edition

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Saltwater Leadership, Second Edition

A Primer on Leadership for the Sea Services, Second Edition

Naval Institute,

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A thoughtful guide to leadership, offering lessons from those who led at sea.

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Four high-ranking Naval officers offer leadership advice aimed, specifically, at junior officers in the sea services: the Navy, Coast Guard, Marines and Merchant Marines. The text also serves up ample lessons for other up-and-coming leaders. Commander Andrew Ledford and Admirals Robert O. Wray Jr., John B. Mustin, and Theodore P. S. LeClair reject command and control leadership, even within the military. Their powerful, instructive stories emphasize caring, openness, continuous learning and trust as the keys to successful leadership.


Leaders get things done through others. 

Leadership is neither mysterious nor intangible: You choose to lead, or you don’t. The US Navy defines good leaders as those who execute their mission through others. Similarly, the US Army wants leaders who influence and inspire others to action.

Leaders lay out the strategy, vision and reasoning; managers and their teams focus on execution. Leaders make consequential decisions and hold themselves accountable for the outcomes.

Every leader in the sea services – the Navy, Coast Guard, Marines and Merchant Marines – from ensign to officer, has a responsibility to lead and develop leadership skills, whether that means personal leadership at the most junior ranks or leading teams of sailors at the officer level. 

Fully 97% of leadership is learned.

Sometimes, nature gives a helping hand to those who wish to lead. For instance, taller presidential candidates usually win. Intelligence matters, too. Studies prove that, in general, leaders of higher seniority score higher on IQ tests. However, these attributes account for only about ...

About the Authors

Real Admiral Robert Wray Jr. (Ret.), Commander Andrew Ledford, Vice Admiral John Mustin, and Rear Admiral Theodore P.S. LeClair commanded ships at sea.

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