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Set SIX Alarms. It’ll Change Your Life.

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Set SIX Alarms. It’ll Change Your Life.

Rian Doris,

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Entering a flow state needn’t be a fluke phenomenon. Embed flow into your daily routine with systematic time management.

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Remember that day when you stumbled into a flow state and checked several big-ticket items off your to-do list? What if you could replicate that phenomenon every day? Neuroscientist Rian Doris explains how, during a tumultuous period of his life, he learned to manage his time and boost his productivity. Though Doris’s personal daily routine is unrealistic for most people – he wakes at 5:30 a.m. and immediately tackles focused work – you can emulate his smart method for finding a routine that optimizes your chances of excelling every day. 


To enter a flow state habitually, identify your “domino habit.”

Does your productivity wax and wane? Maybe you occasionally achieve flow, but it happens somewhat serendipitously. Happily, you can teach yourself to enter a flow state more regularly and produce your best work more consistently.

Think of the times when you excelled. Can you identify a common thread that triggered those boosts of productivity? That factor, known as a “domino habit,” will differ for every person. A domino habit is a ritual that “results in the rest of your day being maximally efficient, productive and aligned.” Your domino habit might be, say, waking up at dawn, taking a cold shower, exercising in the morning, taking an afternoon nap or going to bed early at night. 

Discover your “temporal landmarks” – junctures within your day when you must shift what you’re doing to ensure you accomplish your domino habit.

Yet even if you recognize your domino habit, you might not be motivated...

About the Speaker

Rian Doris is the co-founder and CEO of Flow Research Collective, a research and training institute that studies the neuroscience of flow states.

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