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The Essential Digital Interview Handbook

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The Essential Digital Interview Handbook

Lights, Camera, Interview. Tips for Skype, Google Hangout, GoToMeeting, and More

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How to excel in a digital interview – which may be the only way to ensure you’ll get a face-to-face interview.

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Today, more firms conduct online, digital job interviews as auditions for face-to-face interviews. If you perform poorly online, you’ll never meet in person with the hiring officer. Until recently, scant reliable information has been available about how to plan and prepare for a digital interview, how to handle yourself and what to do afterward. Presentations expert Paul J. Bailo details every crucial aspect of digital interviewing, including the equipment and accessories you need and the presentation expertise you must demonstrate. getAbstract recommends this super specific, useful manual to job candidates, recruiters and anyone who presents online.


Open the Door

Winning a job means securing a face-to-face meeting with the person who hires. Your résumé must compete with thousands of others for the same job. Human resource officers or other professionals set up digital interviews with hundreds of the most promising applicants. Perhaps four to six finalists win real-world face time with a hiring manager.

Job applicants must outshine their rivals during the digital interview. Considering the importance of these interviews, it’s odd that most job applicants do little to prepare. They seem to feel that they need only to get their webcams working and set the sound at the proper volume. Most applicants get weeded out at this juncture. Instead, to compete and win the personal interview, plan and prepare for your digital audition. Be aware that digital interviews are more personable than one-dimensional phone discussions. They are as close to a face-to-face interview you can get without being in the same room.

Media contacts and other interviews also take place over the web. Companies save money and employee travel time by handling interviews, meetings and conferences online. The webcam is here to stay. The more...

About the Author

Paul J. Bailo, MBA, MSW, is the founder and CEO of Phone Interview Pro. He is also the author of The Essential Phone Interview Handbook.

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