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The Leader Who Had No Title

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The Leader Who Had No Title

A Modern Fable on Real Success in Business and in Life

Free Press,

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An allegorical leadership philosophy presented in an allegorical nutshell.

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If you read past the somewhat therapeutic language of this parable, you’ll quickly realize that its slightly corny nature actually makes it more powerful. Motivational consultant Robin Sharma’s modern fable evokes age-old wisdom in accessible language. He uses the schooling of the fictitious Blake Davis, a sort of lost soul, as the backdrop for imparting critical lessons about developing leadership qualities and skills in your personal and professional life. The hero’s mentor takes him to visit four powerful teachers. Each one imparts an aspect of the “Lead Without a Title” philosophy, summarizes five related rules with a memorable acronym and assigns an “instant action step.” Pithy aphorisms from literary, political, business and spiritual gurus pepper the story. Sharma often reminds you of your powerful innate abilities and worth. Particularly if you are a self-help novice or feel in the doldrums at work, getAbstract recommends this charming book as the jump start to recharging your leadership energy.


“Leadership and Success Are Your Birthright”

Blake Davis’s encounters with five wise friends will encourage you to realize and reconnect with your innate leadership power. Blake enjoyed a normal childhood in New York City until his parents died during his high school years. Despite doing well in class and sports and having his share of girlfriends, the tragedy shook Blake up, leaving him unfocused, unconfident and despondent. After drifting aimlessly, Blake joined the US Army and went to Iraq. The military gave him a sense of structure and purpose, but the war scarred him emotionally. Coming home in his late 20s, he was an unappreciated veteran bereft of purpose. He barely tolerated his boring job at a downtown bookstore, until a “most curious stranger” walked in one day and changed his life.

Tommy Flinn, a rather disheveled old man, introduced himself as an old friend of Blake’s father. Tommy said he had long ago promised to help the young man find the inspiration he needed to realize his potential. Tommy explained the transformational “Leadership Without a Title” concept, which can help people “of any age, from any place in any unleash their ‘inner leader...

About the Author

Robin Sharma founded Sharma Leadership International, a global consultancy. He also co-founded, an online coaching resource for American war veterans.

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