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The Power of Potential

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The Power of Potential

How a Nontraditional Workforce Can Lead You to Run Your Business Better

HarperCollins Leadership,

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A successful business owner makes clear the emotional and business benefits of hiring and nurturing diverse employees.

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Since Thomas D’Eri and his father John launched Rising Tide in 2013, it has become one of the highest-volume car wash chains in Florida, with a retention rate five times that of its competitors. D’Eri shares his formula for success: Put employees first by offering them clear job roles, efficient processes and empathetic, organized managers. Fully 80% of D’Eri’s employees are autistic. By addressing the needs of his unique workforce, D’Eri overcame numerous talent management challenges that plague many businesses.


Design efficient, consistent processes and clearly defined employee roles.

John D’Eri, the father of Andrew D’Eri, an autistic child, and Thomas D’Eri, Andrew’s brother, founded the Rising Tide car wash in 2012 and staffed it almost entirely with autistic workers. Today, as many as one out of every 44 children receives a diagnosis of autism. D’Eri’s business, with three locations in Florida, succeeds because of its unusual workforce, not despite it.

Thomas and John designed airtight processes for their workers. The founders invented tools and systems to make their operation efficient, consistent and profitable. They recognized that a workforce of neurotypical employees may not need such systems but believe anyone would benefit from similar processes.

Neurotypical employees thrive in a culture of clarity, but can function without it; autistic workers need more structure. Leaders of autistic employees must do the things managers should do for any workforce to overcome mediocrity. Rising Tide devised a talent management formula that offers pertinent lessons to any business seeking success.

Your hiring process should include work-related tests, structured ...

About the Authors

Thomas D’Eri is the co-founder and COO of Rising Tide Car Wash. Sara Grace is an award-winning co-author.

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