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The Psychological Safety Playbook

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The Psychological Safety Playbook

Lead More Powerfully by Being More Human

Karolin Helbig,

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Learn 25 practical tips you can apply immediately to improve psychological safety and enhance organizational learning.

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In their concise and insightful guidebook, consultants Karolin Helbig and Minette Norman offer 25 actionable tips leaders can implement immediately to improve psychological safety at work. They outline five skills leaders must harness to do so: communication; listening; emotional regulation; managing failure; and inclusion. Each of the five skills is handily accompanied by five ways to implement them. Accessible and inspiring, this handbook fills a long-standing gap in the literature on psychological safety: exactly how to nurture it in relationships, teams and cultures.


Everyone needs to feel psychologically safe to reach their full potential.

After studying hundreds of teams, Google’s Project Aristotle found that psychological safety was the most important element in group success. When people feel psychologically safe, they can ask questions, pose ideas, state concerns and admit mistakes without fear of being humiliated or punished. Psychological safety leads to more inclusive, innovative and high-performing cultures.

As a leader, your role is to set the tone. Ensure everyone feels valued, and create an environment where people feel safe to contribute ideas, express dissent and challenge you when necessary. Model the behavior you seek – including listening, humility, trust and openness to criticism – to encourage the same actions in others.

Communicate courageously: Welcome diverse viewpoints – and don’t insist on your own.

When leaders drop the need to be right all the time and actively invite other points of view, they foster a psychologically safe environment that enhances innovation and outcomes.

  1. Invite varied viewpoints – Welcome a variety of perspectives; this will make people feel...

About the Authors

Karolin Helbig is a mind-set coach for executives. Minette Norman is a leadership consultant and former Silicon Valley executive who works with companies to build more inclusive cultures.

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