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The Supply Chain Revolution

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The Supply Chain Revolution

Innovative Sourcing and Logistics for a Fiercely Competitive World


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Savvy supply chain management offers a significant competitive advantage.

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Many CEOs regard supply chain and sourcing operations as having “about the same…sex appeal as broccoli.” But good supply chain management and thoughtful sourcing can substantially contribute to a company’s success in the market. Supply chain and sourcing can increase revenue, improve profitability, reduce risk and drive excellence in the business. Supply chain and sourcing expert Suman Sarkar explains how good supply chains work and explores how companies can profit by developing their supply chain and sourcing operations. With the right leadership, the supply chain and sourcing functions can provide more of a competitive edge than product development or marketing. getAbstract recommends Sarkar’s report to senior executives and to supply chain and sourcing insiders.


CEO Indifference

Most executives pay little real attention to sourcing and supply chain management, areas of business that may not seem as sexy as R&D, product development or marketing. Companies don’t seem to care as much about back-office operations and delay investments in improving or enhancing them. Sourcing and supply chains have been in virtual stasis for the past two decades. Modern supply chain management has changed little since the 1940s, when superior US supply chain management played a major role in the defeat of Germany, Italy and Japan in World War II.

Companies that focus on developing intelligent, efficient sourcing and building their supply chains can eventually dominate or notably affect their sectors. The term “supply chain” covers the processes that unfold when companies “take material from suppliers, move it through manufacturing, and then distribute it to customers or end users.” The term “sourcing” refers to the selection and purchase of goods or services from suppliers and vendors. Superior sourcing and supply chain management grant a competitive edge.

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About the Author

Supply chain and sourcing consultant Suman Sarkar is a partner at Three S Consulting. He works with leading companies in many industries.

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