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Value-Added Selling, Fourth Edition

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Value-Added Selling, Fourth Edition

How to Sell More Profitably, Confidently, and Professionally by Competing on Value―Not Price


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To succeed in a marketplace where price dominates, sell value.

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In most marketplaces, salespeople operate in a cutthroat environment in which price reigns supreme. So how can they differentiate themselves and be successful? Prolific author Tom Reilly and sales trainer Paul Reilly offer a clear solution and the program to implement it. They urge all salespeople – regardless of their fields or offerings – to sell the value of their product or service, not its price. Now in its fourth edition, the Reillys’ sales classic has proven its utility and popularity. This go-to guide is designed for all sales professionals and their managers.


Value-Added Selling

For many buyers, value translates as “cheap.” Successful salespeople must get buyers to shift their thinking. Buyers need to understand that they gain value across the long term when they buy quality products or services. Value does not reside in purchase price. Instead, value is relatively simple. It’s what the seller “gives up” and what the buyer “gets in return.” Salespeople may be glad to know that research indicates that “only one-in-six shoppers is a true price shopper — someone who considers only price.” This means that 83% of shoppers are willing to consider a value-added pitch.

Your job as a salesperson is to convince this 83% of buyers that your offerings provide their best value and that your merchandise is the ideal solution to their problems. Salespeople must communicate value to buyers persuasively by using “Value-Added Selling,” a philosophy that rests on “equity, honesty” and “excellence.”

In value-added selling, you deliver maximum value to your customers and receive maximum value from them. Value-added selling is a win-win for customers and salespeople...

About the Authors

Tom Reilly, the author of 16 books, is a columnist for multiple business publications and a professional speaker. Paul Reilly is president of Tom Reilly Training, which trains sales organizations.

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