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Why Customers Leave (and How to Win Them Back)

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Why Customers Leave (and How to Win Them Back)

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Businesses must confront an unpalatable truth: They act in ways that drive customers to the competition.

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Businesses act in ways that drive customers to the competition. Executive coach David Avrin warns that you could lose sales to buyers you didn’t know existed. They could have come to your store, called when you were out or visited your website. He urges you to ask why your customers might leave. He presents 23 factors, such as saying no too often and wasting customers’ time. He communicates with economy and clarity, exactly as he asserts you must do with your customers. His guidance springs from experience and is immediately applicable. Avrin speaks to anyone selling anything and to sales managers.


“Blink and they’re gone.”

You could be losing sales from customers you never heard of or knew you had. They could have come by your store, called when you weren’t around or visited your website. They could have gone elsewhere. You might never know their identity or how many of them came and went. Today’s buyers want “immediacy, individuality” and “humanity.” They always wanted instant gratification; now they expect it. They also want prompt answers, immediate product information and online purchasing. They want flexibility and customization. 

They want your businesses to cater to their individual requirements. All too often, your staff must turn down reasonable requests from customers; employees might want to help, but company policies often don’t allow staff to alter procedures to meet customer requests.

Do you need to change your behavior to keep your customers?

Consider 23 “customer observations” that might help your company retain clients and establish better relationships with your current and potential customers:

  1. “Stop telling us no

About the Author

David Avrin is an executive coach for large organizations. He works with senior executives to help them strengthen their brands and build competitive advantage.

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