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The Return to Study Handbook

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The Return to Study Handbook

Study Skills for Mature, Distance and Workplace Learners

Kogan Page,

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Before starting college, focus on how to learn.

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This well-structured, comprehensive guide to college success belongs on the desk of every aspiring student. Though study skills consultant Chloe Burroughs aims her treatise at mature students and distance learners, her book also appeals to those taking a traditional path to further education. Burroughs offers guidance not on what to learn but on how to learn. Most institutes of higher education take such skills for granted, but students who lack those competencies frequently flounder. Anyone starting a college course will thank themselves for first consulting this road map. 


In grade school, you received extensive guidance and instruction, but college demands independent learning.

Your college tutors and lecturers won’t hold your hand. They will expect you to engage in self-directed learning without teaching you how to do so. While many students excel in this new environment, others flounder. To navigate third-level education successfully, you must commit to becoming self-motivated, organizing your time, using your own initiative to solve problems, focusing your attention, and amassing the discipline you will require to stay the course.

If you’re following a nontraditional path to further education – perhaps you’re a mature student, a part-time student who holds down a job, or a distance learner – you’ll need to establish these skills faster than full-time, campus-based learners. Mature students often find they have greater motivation, so inspiration and discipline may come easier. On the other hand, if you’re juggling study with work and family obligations, you’ll likely have to plan better. And if it’s been many years since you’ve studied, you may have forgotten many learning techniques. While distance learning grants students greater...

About the Author

Immediately after completing high school, Chloe Burroughs entered the workforce. She soon realized she would need a college degree to achieve her career goals. She enrolled in the UK’s Open University and earned a first-class honors degree. She works as a study skills consultant to help others achieve their learning and career goals.

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