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7 Book

The Upward Spiral

Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression, One Small Change at a Time
Alex Korb
New Harbinger, 2015
8 Book

Raising Good Humans

A Mindful Guide to Breaking the Cycle of Reactive Parenting and Raising Kind, Confident Kids
Hunter Clarke-Fields MSAE
New Harbinger, 2019
8 Book

It’s Time to Talk (and Listen)

How to Have Constructive Conversations About Race, Class, Sexuality, Ability & Gender in a Polarized World
Anatasia S. Kim and Alicia del Prado
New Harbinger, 2019
8 Book

Mastering Adulthood

Go Beyond Adulting to Become an Emotional Grown-Up
Lara E. Fielding
New Harbinger, 2019
8 Book

Freedom from Anxious Thoughts & Feelings

A Two-Step Mindfulness Approach for Moving Beyond Fear & Worry
Scott Symington PhD
New Harbinger, 2019
8 Book

The Courage Habit

How to Accept Your Fears, Release the Past, and Live Your Courageous Life
Kate Swoboda
New Harbinger, 2018
8 Книга

Как вырастить предпринимателя

Десять принципов воспитания смелых, решительных и целеустремленных
Марго Махол Бисноу
New Harbinger, 2016
8 Book

Raising an Entrepreneur

10 Rules for Nurturing Risk Takers, Problem Solvers, and Change Makers
Margot Machol Bisnow
New Harbinger, 2016
8 Book

The Practicing Happiness Workbook

How Mindfulness Can Free You from the Four Psychological Traps That Keep You Stressed, Anxious, and Depressed
Ruth Baer PhD
New Harbinger, 2014
7 Книга

Как победить тревогу

Десять простых способов побороть страх и беспокойство
Эдмунд Борн, Лорна Гарано
New Harbinger, 2016