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If you want to grow your business, start by working on your mind-set. Coach, entrepreneur and speaker Julia Pimsleur presents practices – including re-evaluating your story and taking time before responding to emotionally-charged situations – to strengthen your mind-set and increase your well-being. This thoughtful manual will help dispel the doubts you may have about whether you can achieve your goals. Complete with in-book and online exercises, Pimsleur’s text provides specific tools that enable you to become more positive and results driven.

About the Author

Entrepreneur and speaker Julia Pimsleur founded Million Dollar Women, hosts the eponymous podcast and the CEO Check-In podcast.


Your mind-set is like a house’s foundation: It supports your goals and increases your resilience.

If your home’s foundation is wobbly, your house may fall. The same holds true for your mind-set and life goals.

The following practices to strengthen your mind-set help support your goals and increase your resilience.

Create a positive inner voice.

You have an internal filter that can either support or undercut the pursuit of your goals. Ensuring that your inner voice stays positive increases your energy, capabilities and sense of self.

Separate what you experience from how you interpret it. Take time to consider situations rather than jumping to a conclusion. What your inner voice tells you isn’t necessarily true.

Of the 6,000 thoughts you have each day, about 70% are negative. Negative news and life events can exacerbate this tendency toward negativity. To counter pessimistic thoughts, acknowledge the blessings in your life. When you experience gratitude, you are more likely to take positive action. Write down seven things that went well or that caused you to feel gratitude, daily.

Focus on the results you seek rather...

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