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9 Book
Carl Gustav Jung
Princeton UP, 1976
8 Book

Thinking like an Economist

How Efficiency Replaced Equality in U.S. Public Policy
Elizabeth Berman
Princeton UP, 2022

Why Trust Science?

The University Center for Human Values Series
Naomi Oreskes
Princeton UP, 2019
8 Book

The Profit Paradox

How Thriving Firms Threaten the Future of Work
Jan Eeckhout
Princeton UP, 2021
9 Book

Cogs and Monsters

What Economics Is, and What It Should Be
Diane Coyle
Princeton UP, 2021
9 Book

How Behavior Spreads

The Science of Complex Contagions
Damon Centola
Princeton UP, 2018

The Spirit of Green

The Economics of Collisions and Contagions in a Crowded World
William D. Nordhaus
Princeton UP, 2021
8 书籍


Philippe Legrain
Princeton UP, 2014
9 Book

The Code of Capital

How the Law Creates Wealth and Inequality
Katharina Pistor
Princeton UP, 2019
7 Book

Beyond Global Warming

How Numerical Models Revealed the Secrets of Climate Change
Syukuro Manabe and Anthony J. Broccoli
Princeton UP, 2020