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Have you ever wondered why some people can adopt a healthier lifestyle or realize professional achievement, while others flail and fail? Journalist Charles Duhigg attributes this dichotomy to habit and explains that successful people have learned to control and change their habits. First, they had to understand that the three steps of the “habit loop” – “cue, routine and reward” – determine what individuals do without thinking. By analyzing how undesirable habits such as overeating, excess drinking or smoking operate in that loop by satiating cravings, people who want to change can control habits that may seem to control them. getAbstract recommends this fun, educational book to anyone who wants to embark on self-improvement. May the force of habit be with you.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How people’s habits influence their lives,
  • How habits work and
  • How people can change their bad habits.

About the Author

Charles Duhigg is an investigative journalist for The New York Times. His previous works include Golden Opportunities, The Reckoning and Toxic Waters.



A Matter of Habit
A habit is an activity that a person deliberately decides to perform once and continues doing without focus, often frequently. Think about the complicated procedures you automatically employ to drive your car. Habits develop because the human brain is wired to seek ways...

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    Faye Haskins 12 months ago
    Recommended to me but isn't available in my country... shame I would have enjoyed reading this I think!
  • Avatar
    Faye Haskins 12 months ago
    Recommended to me but isn't available in my country... shame I would have enjoyed reading this I think!
  • Avatar
    Chong Park 1 year ago
    Habits are powerful when applied in a way that we can benefit from. I sometimes wished I had a stronger willpower to build new ones that stick. I recommend this book. Thank you for the summary. #30DaysOfSummaries
  • Avatar
    joy wang 2 years ago
    #30DaysOfSummaries Habits can be either beneficial or detrimental. The key point is that people should control the habits in good ways instead of being controlled by bad habits.
  • Avatar
    DINESH HS 2 years ago
    A great book and a great summary . I would definitely buy this book
  • Avatar
    Karishma Samtani 2 years ago
    #30DaysofSummaries a really interesting summary. Will surely read the whole book.
  • Avatar
    htaik seng 2 years ago
    This is a good book, which I have read full book already and will recommend to anyone who like this to explore full book.

  • Avatar
    Scott Moskowitz 2 years ago
    #30DaysofSummaries another great book in #getabstract lineup of summaries! Thank you!
  • Avatar
    Herbert Geissbuhler 2 years ago
    nice summary, and also start my free trial !!
  • Avatar
    Maricarmen Roldan 2 years ago
    Very Interesting Summary but realize that need to read the complete book to learn more to know how keep focus to move to good habits.
  • Avatar
    Ashish Agarwal 2 years ago
    At the end of the day a toothpaste is a toothpaste, and Febreezes are few and far in between, till then running is not essentially a bad habit. It would then imply that what we really need is more 'P&Gs' to change our habits; and even that could be a habit from P&G's point of view i.e. keep bringing out new Febreezes.

    Takes me back to my comment on the 'Get Momentum' summary earlier this week - the Captain hoped that a stop at Yorktown the most advanced starbase would offer up some respite from the 'monotony of their finding mysteries of the unknown', and hence my challenge to the getabstract team.
  • Avatar
    Rickey Bijlani 2 years ago
    Great book on understanding habits and how to influence new habits.
  • Avatar
    Grzegorz Lewinski 3 years ago
    Awesome book!
  • Avatar
    Dynamic Dylan 3 years ago
    Great summary of how to replace old habits at work with better ones. Concept of keystone habit is like the strategic driver to your future. Inspired by this book to change my own personal habits and cut out alcohol (reward-coming down from a stressful day) and replace with green tea (routine-so the stress all day is reduced-no need for alcohol). Quit alcohol completely and easily for more than a year. This book results on my own habits saved me enough $ so i could invest it into abstracts and more sober activities! This is a powerful book so you can create training activities around the habit loop- Cue Routine Reward. Enjoy.
  • Avatar
    MIROSLAVA RAMIREZ 3 years ago
    I have read this book and I think this is a useful thing to improve at work. All of us have habits and we have to understand the value of them, in order to create good ones. I hope you can have the chance to read the complete book.
  • Avatar
    James Colberg 4 years ago
    Is the review the abstract....if not how do I navigate to the abstract?
  • Avatar
    Khaled Sidali 5 years ago
    Hello Dears, How can I get the audio version mp3, here in getAbstract.
    thank you in advance.
    • Avatar
      Renee DeChirico 5 years ago
      Dear Khaled,

      Thank you for your email. Please be advised a response to your inquiry has been sent to your personal email address.

      Your getAbstract Team.
  • Avatar
    Jill Beavin 5 years ago
    I think this was a fabulous summary! Interesting and inspiring.
  • Avatar
    David Sproul 5 years ago
    The concept of managing habits is intriguing. The summary seemed a little disjointed and wasn't able to drive home the key points. I will read the full book to see how it drives behavior change.
  • Avatar
    Stuart Friedman 6 years ago
    there is no pdf file here for the book!
  • Avatar
    Alice Smith 6 years ago
    This was a very insightful read for individuals and organizations. The 3 stage habit loop - Cue, Habit, Reward - can be altered. There is hope, we can change!

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