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Strategies for Success from the Frontlines of the App Revolution

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The opportunities in mobile technology are limitless for the perceptive app developer or marketer.

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No offense to app developers, but they’re not the most marketing savvy bunch. That’s OK because now there’s a book for that. Mobile marketing specialist Rana June Sobhany stresses that building a killer app comes first; selling it by applying solid marketing principles comes second. Apple’s App Store is less than three years old, and app developers have the tricky task of marketing in a new, evolving medium. Sobhany – who has been on the frontlines since the beginning – helpfully draws on her own experiences to create a roadmap to success. She also provides firsthand, useful accounts from bloggers, tech journalists and, especially, successful app developers themselves. And, she supplies worksheet templates for positioning, strategic planning, publicity and metrics. getAbstract recommends this excellent resource to developers, designers and marketers poised to enter the app frontier.


Selling Apps by the Peck

Apple’s App Store opened on July 10, 2008. Users downloaded applications ten million times during the first weekend, outperforming everyone’s expectations. Before the online App Store opened, developers had to work with mobile carriers to distribute their mobile device applications. This often was a long, arduous process, with the carriers wielding all the power. Independent developers had to share as much as 50% of their revenue with the carriers, pay large up-front fees and invest heavily in marketing. The App Store removed mobile carriers from the equation and made releasing applications much easier and more economical for developers.

Apple runs a “closed platform,” meaning it has complete control over the development and distribution of its mobile applications, thus ensuring that every app’s quality and design meets the company’s high standards. Although some developers complain about the approval process, overall the high-quality level of most apps reflects well on Apple.

By its first anniversary in 2009, the App Store tallied 1.5 billion downloads. Of the first 500 applications designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch, the App Store...

About the Author

App marketing expert Rana June Sobhany is cofounder of Medialets, a mobile analytics firm. A “student of jazz guitar and audio engineering,” she is the “first iPad DJ.”

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