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Unconventional Negotiation Techniques to Get What You Want


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Learn effective negotiation strategies to transform your life and seize opportunities.

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Skillful negotiation can enhance all aspects of your life, but fear can keep you from asking for what you want. Negotiation and communication expert Fotini Iconomopoulos aims to help you overcome anxieties surrounding negotiation by grounding her negotiation strategies in the latest research. She offers a specific set of negotiation tactics that you can apply easily. Whether you want to petition your family for more alone time or ask for a salary increase, Iconomopoulos shares applicable strategies to become a more effective negotiator.


Seize everyday negotiation opportunities to improve the quality of your life.

Strong negotiation skills can improve the quality of your daily life. Many people fear negotiating, women in particular. Researchers found that only 7% of women negotiated their salaries at their first jobs after university, and just under 60% of men failed to negotiate as well. Those who did negotiate received offers that were 7.4% higher on average.

The thought of negotiating can trigger anxiety symptoms, such as sweaty palms and rapid heart rate. Lessen these effects and become a better negotiator by teaching yourself to pause: Breathe deeply, and give yourself time to react and overcome your fear. If you view negotiation as a negative activity, shift your perspective. A negotiation is a process involving two or more people trying to find an agreeable solution. It doesn’t need to be combative.

The negotiation spectrum spans from competitive “my way” to collaborative “our way” styles.

Two broad negotiation categories exist: Competitive negotiations usually center around money. Participants seldom engage in relationship building...

About the Author

Fontini Iconomopoulos is a Schulich School of Business professor of MBA Negotiations. She works to empower Fortune 500 executive teams to achieve their goals.

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    J. H. 3 years ago
    Useful but nothing new, Getting to Yes says the same things. Basically dont be greedy, arrogant and listen well. Hold your nerve and negotiating isnt, cant be, a zero sum game
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    M. S. 3 years ago
     very good explanations for a successful negotiation. Pausing is indeed very important not to be in a difficult position during the negotiation