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As owner of one of the U.S.'s largest cleaning firms, author Don Aslett has first hand experience with the way that mess and confusion can impede a good day's work. His book shines a light on the chaos, from overflowing wastebaskets to staggering stacks of paper, to (gasp!) the inside of the communal refrigerator. He reveals why out-of-control office clutter is not simply unsightly, but harmful to your productivity and your career. Then, he offers the cure, including ways to reduce paper accumulation, organize your workspace, weed through the junk and create your own filing system. He brings humor, enthusiasm and passion to tackling the daunting job you need to do before you can do your real job. If you want to be liberated from your office mess and experience the exhilaration of a clutter-free work life, getAbstract recommends this book - just put it on top of your stack.

About the Author

Don Aslett, "America's #1 Cleaner," owns and operates a major cleaning company. He has written dozens of books about cleaning and homecare, as well as articles for many national magazines including Real Simple and Cosmopolitan. He is a frequent public speaker.



Too Much Stuff

Cleaning up your workspace can revitalize your career. It's not possible to work efficiently if your office is a mess. Office clutter is intimidating, frustrating and time wasting. Your workspace represents you to your clients, superiors and co-workers. It reflects your personality and work habits. What do you want your work area to say about you? (Or do you just want it to be quiet?)

One of the worst problems caused by disorganization and clutter is lost materials. Misplaced or missing items can cost money in late charges and fees, lost business, and time spent either searching for or redoing work. Unrestrained clutter can cut the average worker's efficiency by one third, which translates to tens of thousands of dollars lost per year. But the most important thing lost in a cluttered, messy desk is respect. When your desk is a mess, people assume you are incompetent, indecisive and uncaring.

I Don't Have Time!

Most people excuse their messy offices by saying they don't have time to clean. But dealing with the consequences of a chaotic workspace takes far more time than simply cleaning. If a clean office increases your productivity by only...

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