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Do you channel your inner Aretha Franklin in the shower or Fred Astaire when you’re sweeping the floor? Would you act with such wild abandon if you thought someone was watching you? If not, you should listen to privacy champion Glenn Greenwald adroitly defend your right to shamelessly behave however you want in the comfort of your privacy. getAbstract recommends his captivating, cogent argument to journalists, freedom fighters and Internet users worldwide. After all, everyone has skeletons they’d prefer to remain in the closet.

About the Speaker

Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Glenn Greenwald is a confidant to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.



Privacy matters. Behind closed doors, people have fewer inhibitions and behave in ways they wouldn’t dare in the presence of others or while under surveillance. Many individuals passively tolerate surveillance. They rationalize that humans are either good or bad, and only bad people – terrorists and other criminals – have something to hide. However, the words and actions of those who claim to believe this rhetoric don’t align. For example, though Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg espouse this belief, both go to great lengths to protect their personal privacy, as do all ...

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