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8 Book

Rock the Boat

Embrace Change, Encourage Innovation, and Be a Successful Leader
Danelle Barrett
Greenleaf Book Group, 2021
8 Book

Selling to Zebras

How to Close 90% of the Business You Pursue Faster, More Easily, and More Profitably
Chad Koser and Jeff Koser
Greenleaf Book Group, 2008
9 Book

Optimal Money Flow

A New Vision of How a Dynamic-Growth Economy Can Work for Everyone
Lawrence C. Marsh
Greenleaf Book Group, 2020
8 Book

Do You Have Who It Takes?

Managing Talent Risk in a High-Stakes Technical Workforce
Steve Trautman
Greenleaf Book Group, 2017
7 Book

The Relationship Economy

Building Stronger Customer Connections in the Digital Age
John R. DiJulius III
Greenleaf Book Group, 2019
7 Libro

La economía “gig”

Sobresalga en la economía “gig”, donde los viejos empleos son obsoletos y ser “freelance” es el futuro
Olga Mizrahi
Greenleaf Book Group, 2018
8 Book

Enablement Mastery

Grow Your Business Faster by Aligning Your People, Processes, and Priorities
Elay Cohen
Greenleaf Book Group, 2019
7 Book

Return on Courage

A Business Playbook for Courageous Change
Ryan Berman
Greenleaf Book Group, 2019
7 Book

Consistency Selling

Powerful Sales Results. Every Lead. Every Time.
Weldon Long
Greenleaf Book Group, 2018
9 Book

Women, Minorities, & Other Extraordinary People

The New Path for Workforce Diversity
Barbara B. Adams PsyD
Greenleaf Book Group, 2018