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A Mind for Sales

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A Mind for Sales

Daily Habits and Practical Strategies for Sales Success

HarperCollins Leadership,

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More than great products or services, it’s the right mind-set that leads to sales success.

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You can have the snazziest products or services to sell, the greatest lead pipeline and the most powerful, high-tech sales tools, but if you have a lousy attitude, you won’t sell much. The proper mind-set is a fundamental requirement for successful selling. Mark Hunter, co-founder of the OutBound sales conference, explains why the mind is a salesperson’s most vital asset. Follow his tips to master your thinking, embrace positivity and achieve greater sales success.


For sales success, fixate on customer wants and needs.

Sales is a people business, not a complex commercial activity. It calls on you to work hard to learn about and understand your customers and their needs. The more attention you pay to your customers, the more you’ll sell.

The sales “success wheel” combines “motivation, momentum, confidence and success.”

The success wheel is the secret to doing well in sales and in life. It runs on four mutually supportive components: motivation, momentum, confidence and success. Each element energizes the others. As your confidence increases, so does your momentum. More momentum means more motivation – and motivation drives success.

Rotate the success wheel constantly to develop your momentum. Some days, it may barely turn for you, but on others, it will spin ahead, moving you to great sales. The main goal in using this metaphor is to build your self-belief, which will increase your impetus and motivation.

The right mind-set enables sales success.

To maximize your sales, develop...

About the Author

Consultant, speaker and author Mark Hunter co-founded the sales conference OutBound. He also wrote High-Profit Selling and High-Profit Prospecting.

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