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All Dreams on Deck

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All Dreams on Deck

Charting the Course for Your Life and Work

Greenleaf Book Group,

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Envision your dreams, get your “lifeboat” ready and set sail.

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Management consultant Jeremy Cage explains how to achieve the “life balance” you want, that is, how to be healthy, productive and inspired. He insists that “work-life balance” doesn’t exist and that work is just one component of a productive life. Cage asks readers to envision life and business as an “adventure,” to nurture their dreams and work toward reaching them. He makes a tragic but convincing case that an undefined dream – a dream you don’t act upon – will wither and perish. And with that withered dream, a key aspect of the dreamer perishes, too. In this thought-provoking, entertaining manual, he explains how to harness your courage, trust and determination to sail your “lifeboat” toward your dreams. getAbstract recommends Cage’s philosophy to individuals and organizational strategists seeking a fresh look at leading a fulfilling life, achieving your ambitions and bringing your dreams – or your firm’s mission – to life. 


“Life Balance”

Many people seek “work-life balance,” but such a state doesn’t exist. Instead, seek overall balance in all of the areas of your life. Work is just one aspect. Think of your life as a “lifeboat” with compartments where you can store “grab bags” holding its essential elements. Your grab bags might include “work, family, friends, faith, fitness/sports, finances, philanthropy and spirit.” Even if some grab bags get depleted or remain empty for a time, you can still keep your lifeboat on an even keel if your vision is strong.


Consider your life’s journey and your pursuit of professional goals as an “adventure.” Most businesses would benefit from taking this approach organizationally, but companies usually stick to the tried and true. Like people, they also need to have a dream to fulfill. Bureaucracies tend to dominate large businesses. It takes them a long time to envision and prepare for something new – and even more time to execute it. As a result, smaller, more agile companies outsmart them.

To regain flexibility and growth, large companies can turn to goal-setting exercises. Such activities can...

About the Author

Jeremy Cage, president and CEO of The Cage Group, developed tools to provide strategic, marketing and innovation solutions to help companies and organizations fulfill their potential.   

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