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Business Writing Tips

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Business Writing Tips

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Writing clearly and persuasively is essential in business. Luckily, it’s also a learnable skill.

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Professional writer Robert Bullard assures you that writing is a skill you can learn and master. He lays out the basics of business writing in an organized, easy-to-understand format that includes do’s and don’ts with examples and exercises. His primer covers what you need to know to write press releases, marketing text, reports, blog posts, and the like. Bullard’s 170 tips span techniques for getting started and engaging readers as well as conquering editing and grammar. If business writing is a part of your job, getAbstract recommends keeping this handy guide on your desk.


Writing Misconceptions

You probably haven’t received any training in writing since you were in school. And that instruction probably didn’t prepare you for writing business pieces, such as reports, marketing materials or articles for your company’s website. Academic papers and essays follow a structure that starts with a statement of purpose or a thesis, followed by support of the thesis, methodology and results, and a conclusion. Business writing, by contrast, opens with the conclusion – a statement of the benefits of your proposal.

Novice writers share certain tendencies, including adopting a formal tone, copying someone else’s writing style and using big words when common words read more fluidly, like saying “endeavor” instead of “try.” Stay true to your voice. Use natural, conversational words. Your goal is to keep people reading to the end of your piece, so your writing must engage your audience.

Getting Started

Plan your article. Starting without thinking through your writing strategy is like cooking without reading the recipe; you might discover you’re missing key ingredients halfway through. Define your objectives and your target audience. For...

About the Author

Writer, copyeditor, proofreader and former journalist Robert Bullard is a business writing consultant.

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