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Curve Benders

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Curve Benders

How Strategic Relationships Can Power Your Non-Linear Growth in the Future of Work


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Curve Benders power profound transformations.

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Most profit-and-loss (P & L) professionals have experience working with a boss, mentor or career coach who helped them improve their performance in a slow-and-steady way. These relationships are beneficial, writes strategic relationships expert David Nour, but Curve Benders go beyond coaches to supercharge your growth journey. Curve Bender relationships offer swift, profound transformation. They open opportunities, and enable you to leave a remarkable personal and professional legacy.


Curve Benders can reshape your personal and professional journey.

The path to the future you desire, personally and professionally, contains many unknowns. But certain rare, strategic and long-term relationships with Curve Benders in your working and nonworking life can supercharge your growth. These individuals can serve you during moments of change, or refraction points – helping you bend the trajectory of your personal and career journey.

For example, consider Don Peppers, the founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group. He had no plans to write a book about customer relationship management (CRM) until Martha Rogers, PhD, approached him with the idea after hearing him speak. Today, the pair are co-authors of numerous books, and leading authorities on the topic.

Individuals, like organizations, must assess their value creation arenas and strategies.

You must pay attention to the value you bring to your organization. At the same time, organizations must enable value creation by supporting their people’s ongoing learning and growth. 

Your Curve Benders road map should therefore take into account...

About the Author

The Nour Group CEO David Nour is the best-selling author of Co-Create and Relationship Economics.

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