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Disciplined Dreaming

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Disciplined Dreaming

A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity


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In today’s economy, everyone needs to be more creative. “Disciplined Dreaming” will teach you how.

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While venture capitalist Josh Linkner neither introduces new theories about what constitutes creativity nor makes any new arguments about why it is important, he does provide a clear, methodical guide to developing it. The result is a highly useful and often entertaining manual on this elusive subject. getAbstract recommends this book to readers looking to enhance their creativity – especially those working in or managing innovation: designers, product development teams and marketers.


The Importance of Creativity

Many people mistakenly assume that only a company’s leaders need to be creative, or that many jobs or roles don’t require creativity. Others think that knowledge and “technical skills” are sufficient assets to succeed. Some believe that creativity is innate, and that you can’t manage it on a corporate or organizational level. These ideas are erroneous. Every job can benefit from applying creativity, every person can learn to become more creative, every organization needs creativity to stay competitive, and your organization can – and must – manage creativity.

Increased commoditization, the accelerating pace of business, lower barriers for entering markets and reduced costs for producing new products drive the need for creativity. Many leaders know they need creativity to meet these challenges and recognize that their organizations lack it. To make you and your company more creative, follow the methodical “Disciplined Dreaming” process. Disciplined Dreaming involves five general steps:

  1. “Ask."
  2. "Prepare."
  3. "Discover."
  4. "Ignite.”
  5. “Launch.”

About the Author

Josh Linkner is the CEO of Detroit Venture Partners and the founder and chairman of ePrize.

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    J. M. 5 months ago
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    E. L. 1 decade ago
    A wonderful book if you have a chance to read the entire content. Josh Linkner presented at the 2011 Detroit TEDx conference and was very inspiring!

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    A. 1 decade ago
    A good summary for improvement in organisations or using groups to test ideas- logical steps to undertake in order to 'launch' ideas

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