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Earn What You're Really Worth

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Earn What You're Really Worth

Maximize Your Income at Any Time in Any Market

Vanguard Press,

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10 ideas fundamentales
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If you want a better income, become a better you

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You know you’re worth more than you earn, but how do you get from where you are now to the income of your dreams? Career coach, training specialist and perpetual best-selling author Brian Tracy teaches commonsense methods to build yourself up so you can increase your income. He identifies the stumbling blocks most people face and provides a variety of activities that can help jump-start new ways of thinking. Though somewhat repetitive – and lacking in hard-core financial information – Tracy’s book offers valuable insights about realizing your full earning potential. getAbstract recommends putting his strategies and techniques to work to impel the marketplace to appreciate your efforts and pay you accordingly.


“You Have Chosen Your Current Income”

What you earn today stems from your previous decisions. Through action or inaction, you’ve settled for the money you’re making and you alone control the amount. You have sole dominion over your main financial asset, your “earning ability” – that is, your capacity for getting “results that people will pay you for.” This asset will rise or fall in value based on how employers regard your skills in the ever-changing marketplace. You can double and redouble your income by using the right methods and exercising some strategic thinking.

“The New Normal”

Americans have grown complacent about success. The “shirtsleeves” generation that struggled through the Great Depression and World War II gave rise to the “affluent” generation that enjoyed postwar economic success. Their children expected continued affluence, but the economic crisis of 2007-2010 changed the definition of “normal.”

The new normal takes into account the “information explosion,” the “technological revolution” and “increased competition” globally. You must learn, master and play by new rules to achieve financial success. Become more valuable to attract the...

About the Author

Best-selling author Brian Tracy is chairman and CEO of the training and development firm Brian Tracy International. His books include Eat That Frog! and No Excuses!

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    Great read. I really learnt a lot.
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    It is a good one , specially if your struglling to move your self ahead and found yourself in vicious circle of unhappy events.