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Great Legal Marketing

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Great Legal Marketing

How Smart Lawyers Think, Behave and Market to Get More Clients, Make More Money, and Still Get Home in Time for Dinner

Morgan James Publishing,

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10 ideas fundamentales
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To bring in more clients and increase your legal practice, make the most of all possible communication channels.

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Benjamin W. Glass III offers a marketing manual for attorneys who are starting their own practices or seeking a refresher in law firm marketing. Glass provides a big picture overview of lawyer marketing: Be different, develop a unique selling proposition, write a book to establish yourself as an expert, and the like. Glass also offers chapters by specialist guest authors who address particular marketing strategies. This approach gives you an insider scoop on each channel. However, you may feel that instead of teaching you, Glass is selling you professional services. Nevertheless, if you want to upgrade your law practice’s marketing, getAbstract recommends Glass’s solid manual; he provides succinct advice professional practitioners in other fields can easily adapt.


Building Wealth

A law practice should be a profitable, systems-based business that builds an attorney’s wealth. Despite common wisdom, you don’t have to work 80-hour weeks.

To build your practice, improve your marketing. Lawyers face multiple marketing challenges, including people’s lack of attention to legal advertising, overwhelming competition, lawyers’ “shark”-like reputations, state bar prohibitions or limits on attorney advertising, the saturation of the legal market and the public’s ignorance of what makes a good lawyer. Effective marketing makes people pay attention to your materials and remember you when they need you. Differentiate yourself by: 1) “developing a unique selling proposition,” 2) specializing instead of trying to practice all types of law, 3) creating and selling a system, and 4) developing “an interesting and educational” process for promoting your work.

Primary Principles

The people with whom you spend your time affect your level of success. Successful people join “mastermind” groups and networks. Spend your time with positive, happy people. The five people you hang out with most will have the greatest impact on your life and...

About the Author

Benjamin W. Glass III is a personal injury and medical malpractice attorney and founder of the Great Legal Marketing consultancy. A professional speaker, he has written several books.

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