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Kiss That Frog!

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Kiss That Frog!

12 Great Ways to Turn Negatives into Positives in Your Life and Work


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Fairy tales can come true. Kiss your “frogs” – or fears – and find out for yourself.

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Once upon a time, a princess kissed a frog. It turned into the prince of her dreams, and they lived happily ever after. The father-daughter team of motivational author and speaker Brian Tracy and psychotherapist Christina Tracy Stein expand on that fairy tale (which was also the title hook of his earlier book, Eat That Frog) to teach you to recognize and learn from your frogs – fears, uncertainties and wounds that prevent you from achieving joy and fulfillment. Their prescriptive approach can help you banish negativity and replace self-limiting behaviors with positive expectation. Short chapters include exercises and techniques that the authors promise will have near-immediate effects on your perspective. While some suggestions are reminiscent of other self-help books, getAbstract recommends their 12 doable steps to leading a positive life to any princesses or princes who are still sitting by the pond waiting for life to change.


“The Frog and the Princess” Curriculum

Once upon a time, a witch turned a prince into a frog, decreeing that he would remain a frog until a princess kissed him. The frog took up residence at a nearby lake. One day, a beautiful princess came along, sat by the water’s edge and dreamed about her perfect prince. The frog hopped over and said that if she kissed him, he would turn into a prince, marry her and love her eternally. She kissed the frog squarely on the lips and watched him change into a handsome prince. She married him, and they lived happily ever after.

The moral is that most people have frogs – “negative people, situations, past experiences, current problems, and...doubts and self-limiting beliefs” – that prevent them from achieving happiness and satisfaction.

You can address your frogs with simple but powerful techniques that can help you experience joy, love, achievement and fulfillment. Happiness can be yours – if you use these 12 ways to “kiss that frog”:

1. “Seven Truths About You”

You already possess everything you need to live the life of your dreams. Acknowledge the “seven essential truths” that characterize the full potential existing...

About the Authors

Brian Tracy is a best-selling writer and frequent motivational speaker. His daughter, Christina Tracy Stein, is a practicing psychotherapist and personal performance coach.

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