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Learning Ecosystems

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Learning Ecosystems

Creating Innovative, Lean and Tech-driven Learning Strategies

Kogan Page,

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Replace your old corporate learning systems with a modern, tech-supported learning ecosystem and culture.

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What learning requirements are essential for current and future L&D success? Katja Schipperheijn provides a useful examination of the challenges faced by L&D today, complete with multiple case studies from leaders and experts. From here, she explains how to give your L&D a makeover via worker-generated content, peer coaching, social learning, and, most intriguingly, the integration of AI and ML to deliver the right amount of learning content at the precise moment of need. Her unique phraseology and grammar might slow you down, but reward yourself by persevering.


Build “LearnScapes” that align learning techniques with the surrounding ecosystem.

Today, more than 90% of leaders expect workers to learn new skills continually, but fewer than half of employees use the training resources their employers provide. Firms that create well-crafted “LearnScapes” beat this dichotomy. They gain the crucial ability to upskill and reskill workers continuously in a fast-changing, increasingly collaborative and tech-enabled world.

Seasoned learning professionals must embrace new ways of learning. For example, millions of children and teens spend endless hours learning games like Fortnite and Roblox because they want to master those skills. Many young people take the next step and learn to create games and environments for these platforms. When they get stuck, they figure out the swiftest way to overcome the hurdle – whether that means searching social media hashtags or consulting video tutorials, such as those Roblox offers via its free, virtual University.​

Likewise, workers will seek the most efficient way to get the knowledge they need to overcome obstacles they encounter...

About the Author

Katja Schipperheijn is a learning strategist with a global reputation for expertise. She founded the Habit of Improvement consultancy specializing in creating learning strategies for growth and well-being in the human-machine interface.

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