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Perennial Seller

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Perennial Seller

The Art of Making and Marketing Work That Lasts


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How to create art or build a business that will stand the test of time.

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Marketing expert Ryan Holiday sets out to show you how to create and market products that, like Star Wars or the iPhone, continue to earn money for years after they debut. The former head of marketing at American Apparel, Holiday says too many artists and entrepreneurs try to cash in on trends and fads, instead of pursuing the real earning potential in quality creations that will continue to resonate with future audiences regardless of how styles change. Holiday’s advice on creating a product isn’t as interesting as the rest of the book, offering mostly standard counsel to work hard and keep revising. However, in the second half of the volume, he gives readers original and pertinent advice, and offers quirky, inspiring ideas on do-it-yourself marketing and the importance of building a strong relationship with your fan base. getAbstract believes Holiday’s advice will encourage and assist entrepreneurs, marketers and artists.


Built to Last

Creating something that will stand the test of time is a more effective sales strategy than trying to capitalize on a current trend. An enduring creation, whether it’s a product, a company or a piece of art, will go on earning money long after you’ve finished working on it or promoting it.

Few creators pursue this strategy. One reason is that many business and creativity gurus emphasize finding a fast path to success. Creators often pay too much attention to modern metrics of accomplishment – such as your number of “social media shares” or the amount of investor capital your start-up attracts – which tend to highlight the most fleeting aspects of success.

Another obstacle is that many people find the idea of creating an enduring work far too intimidating. You’re putting your product up against the offerings of the likes of Apple Computer. But creating something that lasts doesn’t require a genius level of talent or a direct line to the muses. Anyone can make a perennial seller. You just need to understand the creative and marketing principles that underlie enduring popularity – and to be willing to work very hard.

About the Author

Strategist Ryan Holiday runs the firm Brass Check and is the former director of marketing for American Apparel.

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