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Predictable Prospecting

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Predictable Prospecting

How to Radically Increase Your B2B Sales Pipeline


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“Predictable prospecting” leads to more predictable sales revenue.

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This outstanding prospecting guidebook by sales experts Marylou Tyler and Jeremey Donovan balances sales philosophy with the day-to-day essentials of B2B sales. The authors discuss how to target the most promising prospects, secure meetings and communicate effectively – all to achieve “predictable prospecting” and, thus, more predictable revenue. They also detail the 12 work habits of top sales development representatives to help you become more efficient and effective. Senior sales executives, sales managers and sales reps will appreciate this solid manual.


Use the seven-step “Predictable Prospecting” program to improve your sales prospecting results.

Business-to-business salespeople can prospect effectively if they use an efficient system, such as the Predictable Prospecting program. The goal is to make lead generation, pipeline development and ultimately sales volume predictable and productive. If you focus on maintaining a full sales funnel, the result will be predictable B2B sales. To build your sales funnel and make better sales, use this seven-step program.

Step one: “Build a Six-Factor SWOT Analysis” to diagnose your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Most salespeople understand and can communicate the features and benefits of their products and services. Most know how to sell. Most understand how to employ their individual sales-technology platforms. However, few sales professionals can explain to prospects the value they will receive by buying their products and services instead of their rivals’ offerings.

Salespeople shouldn’t rely on corporate executives to develop SWOT analyses on the competition. Reps should develop useful analyses themselves by asking relevant ...

About the Authors

Sales trainer Marylou Tyler founded the Strategic Pipeline consultancy and co-authored the bestseller Predictable RevenueJeremey Donovan, head of sales strategy at Gerson Lehrman Group, wrote How to Deliver a TED Talk, What Great Looks Like and How to Win the World Championship of Public Speaking. He co-authored Speaker, Leader, Champion.

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