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Remote Leadership

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Remote Leadership

How to Accelerate Achievement and Create a Community in a Work-from-Home World


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Working from home is here to stay.

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Who wouldn’t want to work from home? You set your own hours, and don’t have anyone on your back, ordering you to work faster or to do things differently. Despite its advantages, however, being remote isn’t the perfect work solution for many employees. Those who work from home may miss opportunities to advance, network, socialize and connect to their company’s culture. David Pachter, a work-from-home authority, covers the downsides and the delights of having a remote job.


COVID-19 transformed many conventional firms into work-from-home (WFH) companies.

In March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the emerging COVID-19 virus had become a dangerous pandemic. The virus changed the world for working people. Suddenly, Zoom became an essential tool, as did Google Meet, Slack, Skype, Wi-Fi, smartphones and webcams.

Across the globe, workers moved quickly from their offices to their homes, knowing that’s where they would work for the foreseeable future. But, despite this dramatic shift, the universe did not suddenly transform into a brave new world. At-home work was not a new phenomenon. LinkedIn research indicated that almost 50% of professionals already worked from home at least one day a week, and 57% would prefer to work from home for three days or more each week. 

While many people made the transition with little difficulty, remote work did indeed turn out to be the giant game changer people imagined. Companies weren’t prepared for most employees to work from home, and few business models supporting this shift were in place or ready for implementation...

About the Author

In addition to being the co-founder and executive chairman of JumpCrew, David Pachter co-founded LocalVox and serves as the executive chairman of YouNow.

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