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Debunk the Myths. Apply Powerful Principles. Win More New Sales.

HarperCollins Leadership,

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Fake sales experts tout the latest new tactics, but traditional, old-school selling works best. 

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So-called sales gurus claim that the rules of sales have changed and that salespeople no longer need to cold call. Instead, they tell reps to use social media to “tweet, connect and comment, instead of prospecting” and to do marketing, not selling. Sales expert Mike Weinberg advises salespeople to skip these trendy new techniques, stick to the basics and master the sales fundamentals. He provides a step-by-step plan for how salespeople can line up more potential customers and close more sales.


Some putative sales experts tout mistaken sales concepts.

To learn how to sell more effectively, beware of wrong-headed sales gurus who spout advice at seminars, in books, on blogs, on social media and across the internet.

Some of these misinformed individuals push a lot of drivel about sales methods. For example, consider a recent magazine article claiming that cold calling is dead. That’s nonsense. Cold calling remains essential to sales and always will be. You can’t generate prospects without cold calling, and prospecting is the bedrock of selling.

Don’t assume that traditional sales techniques are passé. One misguided idea is that artificial intelligence (AI) will soon make salespeople extinct.

Some self-described sales experts claim that salespeople will soon go the way of the dinosaurs because artificial intelligence and AI bots will replace most of them by 2030. These gurus claim that the internet and other business developments make direct purchasing so easy that salespeople are superfluous. But can you imagine...

About the Author

Mike Weinberg is a consultant, coach, speaker, author and sales expert who focuses on new business development and sales management.

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