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Secrets of Power Problem Solving

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Secrets of Power Problem Solving

Career Press,

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It’s not your decisions that matter – it’s how you make them.

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Roger Dawson offers valuable information about solving problems, making decisions and thinking through a dilemma. But with all that, his book surprisingly also contains numerous redundant quotes, poorly constructed sentences and other editorial gaffes. Such faux pas aside, Dawson, a widely-published senior authority in this field, has probably forgotten more about problem solving and decision making than most authors on these topics ever learned. getAbstract urges you to ignore the rough patches and learn how to upgrade your solutions.


Is Your Problem About People or Money?

All problems are primarily about money or about people. Faced with complex situations, you may find that you confuse problems about human beings with problems about finances. Before you attempt to solve your problems, determine which category they fit.

For example, a corporate executive vice president wants to leave the firm so that he can earn more money. Many years before, the company’s founder and president brought this VP in as his first employee. Now, the president is angry that the VP is not more loyal. The founder thinks he has a personnel problem, but if he thought logically about the issue, he would recognize that the problem is primarily financial. If he gives the potential defector a more lucrative compensation package, the VP will stick around. Problem solved.

You can’t ignore a people problem. But often it helps to wait 48 hours to let things cool off between you and the problem individual.

If this doesn’t work, have a conversation that brings everything between you out into the open so you can resolve your differences. Examine your problem: Does it involve anyone else? Are you interpreting the situation...

About the Author

Author and speaker Roger Dawson is an authority on negotiations. His previous titles include Secrets of Power Negotiating and Secrets of Power Persuasion.

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