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Stepping Up

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Stepping Up

How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything


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Step up to your obligations, and change your world.

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Prolific author and business adviser John Izzo details how to improve your life and make a difference in the world. Drawing from his background in leadership, personal development and corporate culture, Izzo articulates solid theory, practical strategies and examples of how otherwise ordinary people have “stepped up” to fill a need, right a wrong, or make things better for themselves and others. Izzo’s compendium of practical ways to take action at times is very effective, even though he sometimes slips into New Age-speak and repeats his main points. getAbstract recommends this blueprint for change to anyone with a bent for self-improvement.


“The Five Rows of Responsibility”

You can improve your life – and the lives of others – in your Five Rows of Responsibility. Imagine how your smile affects the people in the five rows around you on a plane, and think of that as confirmation that you have a sphere you can influence. Your impact extends to your personal life, your home, your neighborhood, your workplace and the world at large. Those five rows on the plane connect your life with the lives of other people and events worldwide. “Step up” and take responsibility for what happens in your five rows. If everyone else did the same, society would improve, because all problems exist within someone’s Five Rows of Responsibility, and personal accountability should impel that person to act.

Stepping up is the bedrock of the “Responsibility Ripple”: When you step up by taking action, you inspire others; they inspire others, and the world changes. When things go badly, study your behavior and attitudes before placing blame. When things go well, notice how many people within your five rows share your happiness.

“It’s Not My Job, It’s Not My Fault”

Social psychologists divide people into two categories, ...

About the Author

John Izzo is a best-selling author, community leader and frequent public speaker on topics including leadership, corporate culture, personal development and socially responsible business practices.

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    A. 7 years ago
    The summary is about accountability...seemingly a less appreciated trait today, as many are too quick to seek blame in others whilst self-reflection might just be the answer.
    Izzy states, "People with a “flexible mind-set” succeed more often than those with a “fixed mind-set." In tech based economy, exponential growth is the new paradigm. Thus, the 'art of agility' becomes a key success factor!
  • Avatar
    A. S. getAbstract 1 decade ago
    This book inspires you to step up, take action and believe in the power of one=> you, in all aspects of your life!

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