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Stickier Marketing

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Stickier Marketing

How to Win Customers in a Digital Age

Kogan Page,

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The Internet revolutionized communication; it’s time to revolutionize your marketing.

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Dump any marketing book written in the 20th century. Traditional marketing tactics and strategies based on “one-to-many” communication are obsolete. Common acronyms such as ROI, USP and CRM are headed for the alphabet graveyard. As online marketing expert Grant Leboff explains, the Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate. Mobile technologies and the explosion of social media exacerbated the level and pace of change. Leboff presents a new, comprehensive guide to marketing in the digital era. Despite some repetition of basic concepts, getAbstract recommends this useful, systematic primer to marketers of any size in any market.


Communication Revolution

When former US president Bill Clinton took office in 1993, the World Wide Web offered about 50 websites. When he left the White House eight years later, it had more than 350 million. Just as the printing press changed Western history in the 1450s, 20th-century developments in communication technology changed all the rules. Today, you’re marketing in the digital age.

Print materials communicated ideas from one person to many people. Radio, television and film reach a vast audience; yet they remain “one-to-many” platforms. The producers of books, shows or movies broadcast their messages, but the multitudes receiving them couldn’t directly communicate with those who created the work they were seeing. As passive recipients of mass-produced messages, individuals held little authority. The Internet changed this paradigm forever. The web is a “many-to-many” communication platform. Via the web, you – and everybody else in the world – can disseminate your message to multitudes in real time across borders. For instance, during the 2009 US presidential inauguration, CNN’s live feed posted 4,000 status updates every minute from people discussing the ceremony...

About the Author

Grant Leboff, CEO of the Sticky Marketing Club consultancy, is a founding partner of The Sticky Communication Agency. He wrote the best-selling Sales Therapy.

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    D. F. getAbstract 10 years ago
    Great book summary for marketing professionals and for any business decision maker still thinking in the 20th century. Love this quote by the author “We have witnessed...the empowerment of the individual and the democratization of information.”

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