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Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire

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Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire

A Roadmap to a Sustainable Culture of Ingenuity and Purpose

Bloomberg Press,

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10 ideas fundamentales
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If you improve your processes, you can innovate like crazy!

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Business strategist Braden Kelley says innovation starts with a vision, a strategy and a goal. A new idea by itself does not constitute an innovation; innovation is how you implement the idea to generate value. Readers familiar with the subject will see that few of Kelley’s ideas are brand new, but they’ll appreciate his accessible synthesis, which is immediately applicable and easy to follow. getAbstract recommends Kelley’s brief book to anyone interested in innovation and especially to those who are new to the field or skeptical about their ability to generate positive change.


The Need to Innovate

Today’s competitive business climate puts tremendous pressure on company leaders to increase profits regularly, reliably and quickly. Leaders must “hard-wire” their organizations to innovate while controlling costs. City governments and entire nations, too, seek to innovate to drive their economies. All successful organizations start as innovative and responsive but often lose their vision as they grow. When they try to innovate, they struggle. Once upon a time, they were the best at solving problems for their customers, but new competitive entrants to the field displaced them. Organizations that once set the pace end up imitating. Desperate, they try isolated surges of innovation, attempting to correct their problems in a single bound. But businesses must build innovation into their corporate culture. They should learn from innovative organizations instead of copying other firm’s products. Companies must learn to manage change and become flexible to survive crises.

“Innovation Vision”

To establish a foundation for innovation, your company needs an innovation vision, which tells people where you’re focusing, what you want to produce, where...

About the Author

Braden Kelley founded Business Strategy Innovation and is the founder and co-host of the Innovation Excellence website.

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