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Swiss Made

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Swiss Made

The Untold Story Behind Switzerland's Success

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This is the story of Switzerland, the little country with a big history of achievement.

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The miracle and mystery of Switzerland is its continued success and prosperity over the past several centuries. This small, mountainous nation is internationally influential in the development of several industries, controls a disproportionate percentage of worldwide commodities trading and has a wealth management sector that generated 50 billion Swiss francs ($54 billion) in revenue within seven years. Its open-minded citizens enjoy a strong voice in government and a high standard of living. Economic historian R. James Breiding sets out to explain why Switzerland has been so successful. His analysis has not produced a casual read: This is an in-depth textbook that traces 14 Swiss industries from the Middle Ages to the present day. getAbstract believes that entrepreneurs, economists, history buffs and business leaders will enjoy this history of the achievements that make Switzerland unique, especially if they study it while – in a scholarly way, of course – sipping a Nespresso and carefully analyzing a box of Swiss chocolates.


Swiss Success

Switzerland, a small, landlocked nation with few natural resources, is a world leader in many industries. Its unique politics and cultural influence propel and sustain “individuals, business institutions, and governmental or political organizations.” The efforts of early inspirational entrepreneurs working within various industries forged the foundation of Swiss prosperity. Not all were natives of Switzerland; much of the country’s success derives from the efforts of its immigrants and the descendants of its immigrants, who make up one-third of the population.

The Swiss work ethic and a national respect for teaching facilitate an open-minded, educated middle class. The need to collaborate with other countries also gives Swiss companies a competitive advantage in the global arena. Switzerland’s government provides citizens with “safety, security and justice.” Outside of this basic social contract, its involvement is minimal. The management of government and taxation is decentralized and functions on the community level. The Swiss value their individual freedoms highly. The government operates as a direct democracy: Every citizen votes in referendums or...

About the Author

R. James Breiding, founder of Naissance Capital, co-wrote The Swiss Economic Wonder. He contributed articles about Switzerland to The Economist for several years.

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