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The Bold Ones

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The Bold Ones

Innovate and Disrupt to Become Truly Indispensable


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Discover the tactics employed by innovators who change the world and you, too, can disrupt the future.

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Throughout history, certain individuals have come along with ideas that disrupt the fabric of society. People like Henry Ford and Steve Jobs altered the world with their innovations, and now you can too. Innovation strategist Shawn Kunungo shares the secrets to becoming the next great disrupter. Using a combination of historical and present-day examples, from Egyptian pharaoh Hatshepsut to Rihanna, he teaches you how to step out of your comfort zone, cultivate a following and engineer a hot streak of successes. Kunungo maintains that anyone can change the world when they question the status quo.


Disrupters rewrite history.

In 1991, Ken Kutaragi, a Sony engineer who also worked for Nintendo, skillfully and painstakingly convinced the CEO of Sony to invest in the video game industry. While Sony’s reluctance was strong, they eventually agreed to partner with Nintendo. Unfortunately, the very next day, Nintendo backed out of the deal. Kutaragi challenged his Sony boss to seek revenge in the form of producing Kutaragi’s newly designed PlayStation. The gaming consol not only changed the industry, it delivered 90% of Sony’s profits for several years, and put Kutaragi in the video game history books.

The story of the underdog changing the world in the face of the seemingly unchangeable status quo is nothing new. However, in today’s world, the next generation of underdogs won’t need to have ties to companies or offices. In fact, because of the power of social media and personal branding, anyone can disrupt the future from anywhere.

Take Michael Jordan. In 1984 he signed a $500,000 deal with Nike and created the most famous sneaker of all time – the Air Jordan. While, at the time, this type of partnership was new, today it’s the norm. YouTube, Instagram...

About the Author

Shawn Kunungo is an innovation strategist. He previously spent 12 years at Deloitte working closely with leaders to better plan for the opportunities associated with disruptive innovation. He is a partner with Queen & Rook, where he advises leading organizations and executives on disruptive trends.

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