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The Entrepreneur’s Solution

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The Entrepreneur’s Solution

The Modern Millionaire’s Path to More Profit, Fans & Freedom

Morgan James Publishing,

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Business leaders who live up to their entrepreneurial potential benefit themselves and their communities.

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CPA Mel H. Abraham teaches today’s entrepreneurs how to create sustainable, profitable businesses that build prosperity for themselves and their communities. Abraham writes in a positive, relatable tone and offers clear step-by-step guidelines. He explains why entrepreneurs must change their mind-sets and break away from current failing business practices. He urges people to take responsibility for pursuing sustainable, long-term growth that builds their communities. getAbstract recommends his guidebook to those who dream of launching their own business and to some of those who already have.


A New Entrepreneurial Path

Given that 80% of new businesses fail in their first five years, most of today’s entrepreneurs aren’t managing to grow sustainable companies. Complacency has become the standard in many workplaces, paralyzing workers with powerlessness and indecision. Entrepreneurs who want to achieve “sustainable success” need to take risks and chart a new path to profitability and service to their customers and their communities.

For lasting success, pay more attention to your inner voice and less to external opinions. Don’t balk in the face of challenges; instead, create resourceful solutions to problems. Pursue a fulfilling career path. You can find alternatives to safe choices if they make you feel compromised.

Avoiding “Mind Traps”

To gain the clarity of mind to be a successful entrepreneur, avoid these negative mind traps:

  • Don’t let fear of what can go wrong dominate your thinking – Redirect this debilitating thought pattern by focusing on the choices you have in the present moment instead of a negative vision of the future.
  • Don’t become complacent – ...

About the Author

Mel H. Abraham is a CPA with two decades of experience as a business adviser and financial expert. He founded the Business Breakthrough Academy and the Thoughtrapreneur Academy and has worked as a director and adviser on several boards of directors.

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