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The Five Futures Glasses

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The Five Futures Glasses

How to see and understand more of the future with the Eltville Model

Palgrave Macmillan,

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The future is unknown but means everything. Futurist Pero Mićić shows you how to live there.

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The future does not and never will exist, but people base many decisions on their conception of it. Futurist Dr. Pero Mićić’s book deals with the complexities of “future management” and “futures methodology.” The first three chapters, where Mićić lays out his elevated concepts, might be tough sledding, but from chapter four – where the author outlines his “five futures glasses” metaphor – his information becomes clearer and more applicable. getAbstract recommends this book and its helpful case studies to corporate directors, executives, private investors and all decision makers. Mićić’s original future analysis proves impressive and useful.


“See More of the Future”

The Eltville strategic thinking model uses the metaphor of five pairs of eyeglasses for seeing the future to help you think systematically about various possible futures and how to prepare for them using a seven-step process. First is the “introductory step,” during which you collect the information you need to plan for the future. Next are the “five futures glasses,” and the last step is “institutionalization,” in which you embed “future management” as a regular part of your normal operations.

By using these seven steps, you can create a “mental map” of your organization’s future based on an “overview of what you know and what you don't know.” This template helps you plan your organization’s future beyond the immediately visible.

Deciphering the Future

Five “futures glasses” help you to understand the future and support your organization with solid future management. Each of the glasses performs a different function:

  • Blue tests your assumptions about what the future may bring.
  • Red anticipates surprises.
  • Green helps develop your most promising future.
  • Yellow shows how to establish your vision...

About the Author

Pero Mićić, an author on future management, chairs the FutureManagementGroup AG.

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