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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

World Economic Forum,

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In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, technology is augmenting and redefining humanity.

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This visually engaging documentary renders the Fourth Industrial Revolution in broad strokes, through brief, eloquent interviews with visionaries and cutting-edge researchers. getAbstract recommends the video as a primer on the emerging industrial revolution and as essential viewing for anyone invested in social and technological change.


History’s three industrial revolutions emerged from technologies such as the steam engine, electricity and computers. The nascent Fourth Industrial Revolution is bringing technology that will change “what it means to be human.” Through new combinations of “digital, physical and biological systems,” people’s bodies may become so high-tech that no one will be able to tell natural components from manufactured ones. Even today, consumers can buy simple devices that visualize their brain activity, granting them new levels of self-knowledge. Moreover, researchers have discovered a scientific basis for how mindfulness affects the brain, genes and...

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