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The Hard Break book summary

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Overwork has become an epidemic in today’s business culture. Executives arrive at the office before dawn or stay until late at night, out of fear that their careers will collapse if they relax for a moment. Entrepreneur Aaron Edelheit argues that extreme overwork is unhealthy and wrongheaded from a business standpoint. Exhausted, stressed workers often prove less productive, less creative and more prone to mistakes. He proposes an elegant cure: Set aside one 24-hour period a week during which you relax and totally disconnect from work. 

About the Author

Entrepreneur and private investment manager Aaron Edelheit is the chief strategy officer at FLO Technologies. 


All work and no play lead to substandard performance.

Overwork is the new normal. Many professionals believe that working long hours and pushing themselves to the point of exhaustion brings success. These Herculean efforts are not as fruitful as many people believe. Consistently burning the midnight oil is more likely to undermine your work performance, weaken your health and corrode your personal relationships.

Fortunately, a fix exists that allows you to work hard without incurring negative consequences. The ancient tradition of the Sabbath offers the practice of devoting one day of the week to rest and relaxation. Perform no work on your “hard break” day, and temporarily sever any connection – particularly digital connections – to your job.

The United States suffers an epidemic of overwork.

Work is taking over more and more of people’s lives. Americans are working longer hours and taking fewer vacation days. Thanks to technology, they stay in touch with the office even when on breaks. According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics survey, more than three-quarters of Americans say they take no time to unwind. 


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