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The Long-Distance Teammate

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The Long-Distance Teammate

Stay Engaged and Connected While Working Anywhere


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Remote workers can thrive and stay connected to their teammates and bosses.

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Kevin Eikenberry and Wayne Turmel, co-founders of the Remote Leadership Institute, explore the strategies you need to embrace to become a successful remote worker, and they explain how these tactics will serve your career prospects in the long term. Eikenberry and Turmel, who also wrote The Long-Distance Leader: Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership, share practical expertise to help home-based workers remain engaged and connected.


Remote working requires dedication to teamwork, good connections and high engagement with your job.

The workplace was going remote before COVID-19, but the advent of the coronavirus pandemic accelerated the pace of that transition. 

Now, more people than ever must master remote-working skills. Virtual workers must devote themselves to achieving common goals and determine how to work well with their co-workers across time zones and national borders. They must coalesce despite physical separation, and navigate new patterns of work, with some working from home, others in an office or regional hub, and others working a hybrid model – some days at home, some days in the office.

Embrace a teammate mind-set.

See yourself as a fully-fledged, in-touch and committed remote teammate. Adopting this mind-set will help you achieve meaningful – not just transactional – social and emotional connections.

The teammate outlook encompasses more than merely accepting that everyone, no matter where his or her desk may be, reports to the same boss. It’s about the commitment...

About the Authors

Kevin Eikenberry is the chief potential officer of The Kevin Eikenberry Group and the co-author, with Wayne Turmel, of The Long-Distance Leader: Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership. Together, they founded the Remote Leadership Institute. 

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